Meal Planning / weight loss coaching and training

Personal Weight Loss Coaching and Training

A powerful and effective workout is just not possible without the consumption of a healthy diet. At Trainer Joe’s Fitness Center our nutrition counselors and weight loss coaches team up to create customized meal plans tailored to your fitness needs.

Our nutrition counselors will take into consideration what a typical day looks like for you, what your struggles when picking food and your fitness goals. Based on the information you provide and your fitness coach’s input, they’ll devise personalized meal plans.

Nutrition counselors will point out unhelpful habits that need to change and identify areas for improvement. You’ll probably have to make a few compromises but there’s absolutely no reason for you starve yourself! Trust our qualified nutrition counselors to design meal plans that keep you nourished from within and fully fueled to take on your workout!

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Weight loss is one of the many things we do best! No more crazy diets, no more starving. What good is a great workout if you aren’t fueling your body correctly? Our nutrition counselors team up with your trainer to help safely and effectively guide you on your weight loss journey.