Tips For Achieving Your Fitness Goals With Diet
Most of us have been guilty of thinking that eating less is the only route to weight loss, and that weight loss is the same as fitness. This is a flawed chain of logic, as your diet is not the only factor that determines your body weight. It’s a multifactorial issue, with both genetics and energy expenditure also being determinants, for instance. Similarly, weight loss shouldn’t always be a cause to rejoice, because it doesn’t
Reasons Why A Personal Trainer Can Help You Better Than A Group Class
If you’re not a people person or don’t like mingling with strangers, the chances are that you’ll have difficulty opening up to other individuals in a fitness training session. Since it’s essential that you’re comfortable during workouts, it might be better for you to opt out of group sessions and hire a personal fitness trainer instead. They can help you achieve your fitness goals while also ensuring that you feel completely at ease. It’s Physical
Even though the clock starts ticking the moment you take your first breath, studies reveal that, on average, a human body starts aging after the age of 35. And while physical signs of aging—like smile lines, wrinkles, and weakened bones—are distressing, they’re nothing compared to the cognitive decline that an aging person experiences. Our brain is the powerhouse of the body; without it, even a perfectly fit body is of no use. Elderly people often lose
DON’T STARVE TO DEATH! 3 Myths About Dieting The Wrong Way
The need to have a beach body has led people to blindly believe and follow whatever weight loss technique they come across. While there are some reliable programs for losing weight among a mass of myths, a major chunk of them are flawed, illogical, and unhealthy. Buzzwords like burning calories, eating lesser carbs, oil-free foods, and greens are trending these days. In fact, anything that has the word ‘weight loss’ attached to it immediately steals attention.
Long Term Health and Lifestyle Programs: How do these work?
Let’s start by talking about some depressing stats related to health and fitness. We all know that Americans are obsessed with junk food. The CDC reported that 40 percent of adult Americans suffered from obesity between 2015 and 2016. According to the Physical Activity Guidelines set by the government, the fitness level of nearly 80% of Americans doesn’t meet the set criteria.  On average, 40 percent of adults over the age of 75 maintain an active lifestyle, while less
Boot Camps: What to Expect?
We’ve all heard the term ‘boot camp’ at one point or another. Whether you have a fitness geek for a friend, a family member who’s joining the military, or know parents of troubled teens, boot camps have probably come up during random conversations. Today, we’re going to explore what they are and what someone who wants to join one should expect from the experience. What are Boot Camps? Outdoor fitness, small group fitness training, military
Workouts for Senior Citizens: A place to Socialize and Stay Healthy
Who says you can’t be fifty and look fabulous at the same time? The saying: age is but a number couldn’t be truer in this case. It’s a common misconception that only people in their youth can adopt a healthy lifestyle which eventually leads to a fitter body. True, it’s easier to train with weights and undertake strenuous workout routines when there’s young blood pumping in you, but it’s not impossible either once you’ve crossed
Benefits Of Working With a Personal Trainer
Working out and exercising regularly has many benefits for the human body. It keeps your heart healthy, bones strong, improves brain functionality and protects you from many diseases.
Steroids for Bodybuilding: Never a Good Option
Exercise is a passion for a lot of people. Their goal is to stay in shape and build muscle mass. But as any gym-goer will tell you, the road to getting a toned, muscled body is long. Modern media has played a huge role in influencing our thoughts and perceptions. The obsession with having a perfect body, especially among men, has been proven through research. Even though women have long been expected to maintain a
Bulking or Definition? What should you go for?
Although when we think of fitness, there’s a greater focus on the aesthetic appeal, there’s little that aesthetics have to do with it. The truly fit physical shape is one that lets you remain active and productive throughout your day. The perfect shape for you is the one that you love and the one that puts you at the least risk of developing medical complications. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Bulky body types or lean