4 Exercises To Burn More Calories
Here are some exercises that will maximize your calorie burn
Lesser Known Benefits Of Aerobics!
When you think about “aerobics,” you probably imagine a group of women doing intense workouts and stretches. You then “nope” your way out of the gym, and wonder why your coworker keeps raving about how good it is for the body and mind. But the truth is, it is good for the body and mind. Aerobics may not be as well-known as yoga, but its benefits are just as numerous as any other intense workout! Some
Myths Of Personal Training Debunked
With so much information out there regarding fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s difficult to sift out the correct information. Excessive cardio was once known to be the best way to lose weight, but there’s more emphasis now on weight training. Likewise, eating clean meant excluding carbs and only eating raw fruit and veg, but today, the emphasis on complex carbs and protein has changed the way most fitness enthusiasts eat. Having a personal trainer
Workouts That Increase Flexibility
While exercising to stay fit is a great way to stay healthy, working on your flexibility is equally important. Focusing on improving flexibility makes you limber, making workouts a breeze. Flexibility is an important aspect of fitness, and not many people realize its worth. Why is flexibility important? Flexibility is a crucial part of physical fitness. It has plenty of positive effects on the body, improved posture, increased muscle coordination, relatively less muscle soreness, and reduced
The Best Exercises To Do In A Group
Even with fitness and exercise gaining popularity thanks to Instagram fitness models, many of us still struggle to include it in our daily routines. Staying consistent with fitness goals is a challenge, especially if you’re not motivated to work out on your own. Working out in a group is the best advice our trainers can give anyone who feels like working out is a chore. Group exercises help you socialize and make you feel like
How to Maintain Fitness While Recovering from an Injury
Sports injuries can take a toll on anyone recovering from them. Not only are you dealing with a sudden change in your lifestyle, but you also have to limit the physical activity while having the patience to relax and rest as you recover. This can be extremely frustrating for individuals with an active life and especially ones who train every day to maintain their fitness. Losing fitness during bed rest is often one of the
A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle
If you’ve ever looked at a fitness magazine and wondered about how the models got those toned and well-built bodies, you’re not alone. If you’ve tried following a strict workout routine and still didn’t see much difference, you’re still not alone. Building muscles and achieving the set fitness goals isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires mental strength and a number of—often-overlooked—considerations. Not to mention, you can’t expect results overnight or even over weeks.
the benefits of weightlifting for women.
Even though conventionally frowned upon, weightlifting for women is gaining ground; and for a good reason. Typically associated with bulging biceps and bulky muscles, the misconceptions have stopped many women from pursuing their dream of lifting heavy weights and building body strength. The fact is that with the right weights and an experienced trainer to guide, weightlifting has tons of benefits for both men and women. It’s time to debunk the myths and look at
How to Devise a Workout Plan:
As a beginner at the gym, you may be eager ti start as soon as possible. But for that, you first need to know where to begin. Here’s what you need to take into consideration.
Personal Trainer
Starting a journey toward better mental and physical health means changing your sedentary lifestyle. Exercising is great as a part of your daily routine but when you’re looking for extra motivation and long-term quality change in your fitness levels, working out with a personal trainer is a great investment. Reaching your health and fitness goals requires picking out the right trainer who will hold you accountable for any missed workouts without pushing you over the