Foods To Avoid Before A Workout

Foods To Avoid Before A Workout

Food works as fuel before a workout. Working out on an empty stomach might increase the calories burned, but you won’t have the energy to do the exercises and keep your form.

We understand it’s tempting to consume your favorite snack just before working out, but that might not be the best idea. The food you eat before your workout affects it too. Certain foods aren’t ideal to have before exercising.

High fiber foods

Fiber-rich foods are great for your health. They promote good digestion and make you feel fuller for longer. High fiber foods include multigrain bread, wheat pasta, and oats. However, such high-fiber foods aren’t good just before a workout. They are slow releasing carbs and digest slowly by the body too. It leads to gas, bloating, cramps, and nausea.


Nuts are a great source of healthy fats that are good for the brain too. They give you energy as well, which probably makes you wonder why they are on this list. High fat snacks like nuts can compromise your workout. Consuming fat rich foods slows down your digestive system. The higher the fat content in a meal, the longer it takes to get digested. The food you have pre-workout must be fully digested before you can begin exercising.

Spicy food

Those who can handle spicy food tend to reach for it more often. However, there’s a time and place for spicy food and just before a workout isn’t one of them. Spicy food that’s also oily leads to heartburn that will make working out very difficult. You can also experience cramping due to spicy food before a workout.


Fizzy drinks have zero nutritional value; in fact, they are bad for your bones, teeth, and body in general. Sodas are excessively high in sugar as well as sodium. It’s the worst thing you can consume before a workout due to the calorie count. It also leads to bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, and a sugar rush.

Foods To Avoid

Cruciferous veg

Cruciferous veg refers to cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli. These foods are great to consume but just not before a workout. Since they are high in raffinose (an indigestible carb) it can lead to bloating and flatulence.

Refined sugar

Refined sugar, as you know, is bad for health. It increases the chances of individuals developing heart disease. Consuming sugary treats that’s also rich in carbs before a workout causes fatigue when exercising. Refined sugar is known to cause lethargy, making you feel demotivated when working out too. Reach for foods with fructose and glucose since your body can digest it better.

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