‘Age Is But A Number’ That Affects Your Mind: Ways In Which Aging Causes Cognitive Decline

‘Age Is But A Number’ That Affects Your Mind: Ways In Which Aging Causes Cognitive Decline

Even though the clock starts ticking the moment you take your first breath, studies reveal that, on average, a human body starts aging after the age of 35. And while physical signs of aging—like smile lines, wrinkles, and weakened bones—are distressing, they’re nothing compared to the cognitive decline that an aging person experiences.

Our brain is the powerhouse of the body; without it, even a perfectly fit body is of no use. Elderly people often lose their train of thought, forget names and details, and have difficulty concentrating on one thing. This is all due to degenerating cognitive functioning.

Here are some ways in which aging can cause cognitive decline.

The Side-Effects Of Medication

It’s common for elderly people to take sedatives and tranquilizers to help them sleep at night. They may even be taking strong medication for other diseases that they’ve contracted. These—especially anticholinergic medication—interfere with brain functioning and can have lasting adverse impacts on your cognition.

The Side-Effects Of Medication

Metabolic Imbalances

This is why people say that the best life is one which is in perfect balance. In medical terms, metabolic imbalances are to blame for abnormalities in blood chemistry. This could mean fluctuating levels of blood sodium, potassium, or glucose. When the organs like the liver and kidneys start to malfunction, there are severe consequences for the brain as well.

Hormonal Problems

You may know thyroid as a separate medical problem, but thyroid hormones can also mess up the brain. Apart from these, estrogen and other sex hormones often fluctuate and create an imbalance. This not only takes a toll on your love life, but also impacts your cognitive functioning.

Nutritional Deficiencies

The reason you’re told to have a balanced diet and make sure your nutritional intake is sufficient is because some nutrients have a direct relationship with cognitive abilities. Some examples include vitamin B12, other B vitamins, and folate. If you’re running low on these nutrients, your brain may suffer.


There’s no better time to start eating and living healthy than today! Your life and brain health are too precious to become a victim of carelessness.

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