DON’T STARVE TO DEATH! 3 Myths About Dieting The Wrong Way

DON’T STARVE TO DEATH! 3 Myths About Dieting The Wrong Way

The need to have a beach body has led people to blindly believe and follow whatever weight loss technique they come across. While there are some reliable programs for losing weight among a mass of myths, a major chunk of them are flawed, illogical, and unhealthy.

Buzzwords like burning calories, eating lesser carbs, oil-free foods, and greens are trending these days. In fact, anything that has the word ‘weight loss’ attached to it immediately steals attention.

However it’s important to be able to the tell truth apart from myth, because dieting the wrong way is riskier than not dieting at all. It’s important to keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to become physically fit, and not just have a tiny waist.

Beware of these myths about dieting and weight loss.

Myth 1: Calories In/Calories Out Equals Weight Loss

In a time when size 0 models parade their stick-thin bodies in all the major fashion shows, the only way to attain the current standard of beauty is through weight loss. In a desperate attempt to lose body fat, people latch on to anything that promises weight loss.

Myth 1: Calories In/Calories Out Equals Weight Loss

This has led to fad diets that reduce the complexity of human anatomy to a basic equation: calories in – calories out = weight loss.

This ignores factors like genetics, energy expenditure, medical conditions, stress management, and most importantly physical activity.

Myth 2: Harder Workouts Guarantee Better Results

You must be wondering how dieting and workouts are linked to weight loss. Most people mistakenly assume that the two operate independently of each other. However, the truth is that neither factor alone can give you the desired results.

In fact, meal specialists at gyms prescribe diet plans to clients depending on the intensity of their workouts. For instance, you can’t get through HIIT training while just eating salads. It’s important to realize your fitness goals, consult an expert health and weight loss coach Palm Desert, and then plan your diets accordingly.

Myth 3: Quit All Fatty Foods

This is by far the biggest and the most harmful myth that exists. The push toward having a beach body and preferring contours over curves has convinced people to quit fatty foods entirely. There’s a negative association between body fat and fitness, which has turned fats into a bad word.

Science disproves this myth, because human bodies have a basic requirement for body fat. It’s necessary for our survival, and without it, your chances of living a healthy life are slim. People who do this can become conventionally attractive, but not physically fit.


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