Exercising Your Way Back After an Injury

Exercising Your Way Back After an Injury

Experiencing any form of injury is difficult, you need to go for doctor’s appointments, take prescription medication regularly, and even go through rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy. Injuries affect your ability to work out as well, which is a bummer, especially if you just started noticing the results you wanted.

While this is going to set you back, you need to push forward, eventually getting yourself back on track.

Here are some tips that can help you bounce back after an injury:

Speak with your health care professional


While fitness may be a huge part of your life, your health comes first. Make sure you follow your doctor’s instructions down to the t. The more you follow the doctor’s instructions, the quicker will be your road to recovery.

Make sure you ask your healthcare professional if you can work out or not. In the case of surgery, nerve, muscle, and bone damage, doctors may ask you to stay away from any form of exercise for a period of time. Once you’ve been cleared to work out, discuss your exercise options with them. Doctors will be able to tell you what your body can and can’t do at that particular time.

Show your personal trainer the kind of exercises being done in physiotherapy. A certified personal trainer will be able to understand what the target muscles are and they will be able to form a fitness routine based on your current abilities.

Step back and reframe your expectations

Sadly, you will have to let go of the progress you made at the gym prior to your injury. You can’t expect to get back to the same level of fitness, your body won’t be able to cope, and you could end up worsening the damage.

Reframe your expectations when you get back to the gym. It will be difficult for you to cope with the idea of changing your goals, but good health is above all other goals. If you were once used to doing a 10 km run every day, start with a walk, if you would lift 30kgs in dead lifts, go back to using your bodyweight to workout.

Celebrate every victory

After experiencing an injury, you need to work towards regaining the strength you once had. This could be a long process. Make it easier on yourself by creating small and achievable goals for yourself. Celebrate every little victory to remind yourself that your body is healing.

Progress is not linear

There will be weeks where you will notice great improvements in your endurance, ability, and form; other weeks you may notice a slump. Always remind yourself that the path to healing isn’t easy, it can slow down at times. Listen to your body. Try out new and less intense forms of working out instead.

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