Fitness Myths Debunked

Fitness Myths Debunked

Fitness is a journey and it’s a bumpy one. You won’t always see the results you want and that can cause you to believe in many myths and misconceptions.

Fitness myths are rampant. There’s so much information out there, that doesn’t mean it’s all correct.

Our experts are here to debunk common myths about fitness:

Myth #1: Gaining weight after a fitness routine must mean it’s not working

When you start working out regularly, your body goes through immense change. First of all, your muscles develop tears every time you work out. These tears need to heal and the body restores itself in its sleep. Secondly, these minuscule tears in the tissue fibers hold onto water. Your body retains more water when you begin working out and hence your weight increases on the scale.

Another reason for gaining weight after you start working out is the storage of glycogen. Glycogen is converted into glucose, which provides your muscles with the energy it needs to work out. Initially, your body begins to store more glycogen. This glycogen binds with water, hence making it seem like you’ve gained weight. The more your body gets used to working out, the more efficient it’ll become with its glycogen storage.

Myth #2: I’m lifting weights but not seeing any results


Most men and women today lift weights and get into strength training to increase muscle mass. Just lifting weights alone, however, won’t get you the best results. To gain muscle mass and definition, you need to focus on your diet. A protein-rich diet with just enough carbs to give you energy in the gym is what you need to bulk up.

The other reason you might not be seeing results is because your workouts aren’t planned effectively. Aim to work out each muscle group at least twice a week. Plan your week so that you get a 2-day rest in between the muscle group workouts too.

Myth #3: More sit ups equals better abs

Have you ever heard, “Abs are made in the kitchen?”

If you want to achieve a flat stomach with definition, you have to focus all your effort on your diet. Cut out all the foods that cause bloating and packing on of belly fat. Building your ab muscles also requires you to work out, but don’t just rely on basic sit-ups. Work your entire abdomen, upper, lower, and obliques for the best results.

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