Four Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

Four Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

Even though conventionally frowned upon, weightlifting for women is gaining ground; and for a good reason. Typically associated with bulging biceps and bulky muscles, the misconceptions have stopped many women from pursuing their dream of lifting heavy weights and building body strength.

The fact is that with the right weights and an experienced trainer to guide, weightlifting has tons of benefits for both men and women. It’s time to debunk the myths and look at some straight facts about the benefits of weightlifting for women.

1. Mental Strength

Body and mind are strongly connected; we already know that. Like any other exercise weightlifting also plays a crucial part in strengthening your mental health. However, due to the incorporation of resistance training in the process, weightlifting has proven highly beneficial for individuals with strong depressive symptoms.

A study conducted by the Harvard Medical School concluded that regardless of the effectiveness of weightlifting on physical health, the workout routines strengthened the moods of the participants.

2. Healthier Heart

If you want a healthier heart, weightlifting is the right answer! Even nominal weightlifting has shown evidence of lowering risk of both heart attack and strokes. The study also revealed that weightlifting is about finding the balance instead of spending hours at the gym, lifting weights.

If you’re recently getting into weightlifting training, keep in mind that it’s all about the quality of workout and not how long you spend doing it. Even five minutes in the weight room can be effective and you don’t have to make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself.

3. Better Muscles

The obvious benefit of weightlifting is muscle building; however, women are often put off by this. The fact of the matter is that muscles in weightlifting appear as a result of hormones—mainly testosterone. The ratio of muscle bulk is higher in men because they have higher testosterone levels compared to women.

This allows women who are lifting weights to keep their body shape with minimal but stronger muscles.

4. Stronger Bones

More than 200 million women suffer from osteoporosis across the world. The weakness in bones can lead to a number of other health conditions, both minor and major such as disability. Weightlifting training can increase bone density in both men and women, reversing or at least preventing osteoporosis in at-risk individuals.

Stronger Bones

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