A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle

A Beginner’s Guide to Building Muscle

If you’ve ever looked at a fitness magazine and wondered about how the models got those toned and well-built bodies, you’re not alone. If you’ve tried following a strict workout routine and still didn’t see much difference, you’re still not alone.

Building muscles and achieving the set fitness goals isn’t as easy as it looks. It requires mental strength and a number of—often-overlooked—considerations. Not to mention, you can’t expect results overnight or even over weeks.

Patience and consistency is the key, among many other factors, which we’ll talk about in this blog!

Short and Consistent Workouts

As a beginner, you need to allow your body to adopt the routine without going into shock. This is why you have to start small—especially if you don’t exercise or workout on daily basis. Strength workouts after every 24–36 hours allow the body to rest without burning it out too early and too quick.

Keep the workouts short and low-intensity and make sure you don’t miss your routine. You may have to talk to a fitness trainer about the intensity and calculation of reps and sets suitable for your body.

Start a Healthy Diet

If you’re eating junk food or consuming carbs more than needed and expect a 30-minute workout to show its magic, you’re in for disappointment. We understand that this may be the most difficult step, but with the right mindset you can train your body to survive on just the needed calories without going overboard.

The common misconception in muscle building is that you have to gain weight by any means to achieve the set muscle gain. The trick is to consume proteins and eat healthy otherwise you’ll only see fat and not muscles.

Persistence and Commitment

Know that getting muscles can take months and without a proper guide, you can undo your progress with one wrong step.

Persistence and Commitment

Not to mention, one of the biggest issues many people face when starting workout routines is the lack of commitment. Everyone wants a toned body but exercising at home or even at a gym—by yourself—can be hard to pull off. For quality results, it’s best to start your routine with a personal trainer and workout with at least some accountability—to keep you consistent.

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