The Best Exercises To Do In A Group

The Best Exercises To Do In A Group

Even with fitness and exercise gaining popularity thanks to Instagram fitness models, many of us still struggle to include it in our daily routines. Staying consistent with fitness goals is a challenge, especially if you’re not motivated to work out on your own.

Working out in a group is the best advice our trainers can give anyone who feels like working out is a chore. Group exercises help you socialize and make you feel like you’re part of a community. It also helps to know that you’re not alone and that others find exercise difficult to keep up with too; that you’re not the only one insecure about your body.

Group exercise makes achieving your fitness goals a bit easier. There are also many health benefits of working out with others.

Here are some of the best workouts to do in a group:

Dance classes

Dance classes are fun all around. You’re moving to your favorite beats while having your gym buddies around. Dance classes are a great first step in your fitness journey. They require you to keep moving—no fancy equipment or technique required!

Dance workout classes are still rigorous, though; they require you to stay on your feet for an hour at a stretch. It’s great cardio since it gets your heart pumping and burns calories.


High-Intensity Interval Training is an advanced form of exercise that tests your endurance and promotes cardiovascular health. According to WebMD, it’s one of the best exercises for your body. These workouts are difficult, to say the least. They’re best for someone who has been working out for a while now and still struggling to see quantifiable results. However, the issue with such a workout is that you can feel quite demotivated if you’re on your own.

HIIT workouts in groups are the best way to go about this form of exercise. Working out with others motivates you to test your limits. The other benefit of joining a HIIT class is that the risk of injury is reduced, since you have a trainer to guide you.

HIIT training can sometimes be set up in the form of an obstacle course for the class, adding a lively feel to your regular gym. Some trainers can make you do partner workouts to add variation to HIIT sessions.


The Best Exercises To Do In A Group

Pilates is another form of exercise that’s been made popular by many celebrities. Pilates is a relatively slower workout compared to HIIT and dance classes. The idea behind such a workout is to have controlled movements that get your muscles working.

Pilates is best done with a professional in a gym setting due to the specialized equipment required. Gyms and fitness centers have the equipment set up to facilitate multiple members in a group class.

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