Workouts That Increase Flexibility

Workouts That Increase Flexibility

While exercising to stay fit is a great way to stay healthy, working on your flexibility is equally important. Focusing on improving flexibility makes you limber, making workouts a breeze. Flexibility is an important aspect of fitness, and not many people realize its worth.

Why is flexibility important?

Flexibility is a crucial part of physical fitness. It has plenty of positive effects on the body, improved posture, increased muscle coordination, relatively less muscle soreness, and reduced risk of injuries.

Your range of motion increases once you begin to focus on flexibility during workouts. This makes it easier to achieve more advanced level postures for maximum muscle gain and calories burned.

Here are some workouts that can improve your body’s flexibility significantly:


Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that’s centered on mindfulness. The philosophy behind this form of exercise is that your body can achieve anything when you’re the right state of mind and mindful of your body.

There are multiple levels of yoga as well as many different types. Some forms of yoga are geared toward weight loss, while others promote flexibility and finding your Zen.

Yoga classes focus on breathing, meditation, and posture to improve flexibility. You will notice a significant improvement in your range of movement once you begin yoga classes with a trained professional.

Tai chi

Tai Chi was originally a form of self-defense. It’s described as “meditation in motion.” This form of exercise has grown in popularity in recent years. Tai Chi was used as a form of medicine in Ancient China.

So, how does Tai Chi help with flexibility?

Well, it’s a series of movements that must be performed in a slow and focused manner. You need to focus on your breathing while balancing your posture.

Tai chi is a low-impact form of fitness. Your major joints won’t feel the pressure, while your muscles and limbs improve their range of motion. Another benefit of Tai Chi is that it improves your reflexes considerably.



Pilates may look like an easy workout since it’s relatively slow; however, you have to use your body weight to move the equipment around. Pilates is all about slow and controlled movements while focusing on your breathing. It helps with toning the body, improving posture, and promoting flexibility.

Dynamic stretching is the way to go

You can improve your flexibility in any workout that you do, if you put in the right amount of effort. Try to increase your range of motion every day with the exercises you do.

Let’s say, you’re doing a lunge; take it lower and stretch your legs further away to feel your muscles open up and twist your body in the opposite direction to maximize the impact of the stretch.

Limbering up before a workout is another great way to increase flexibility. Instead of doing the toe touch and side-to-side twist, use some dynamic stretching instead. Knee-to-chest pulls are the perfect example of a dynamic stretch that you should add to your workout. It improves balance while working on flexibility.

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