Cool Down Exercises To Incorporate This Year

Cool Down Exercises To Incorporate This Year

Completing a workout for the day is an achievement you need to pat yourself on the back for. You’ve burned calories, increased your heart rate, and increased your strength, but you’re not quite done yet. Once you’ve completed your exercise routine for the day, it’s time to cool down. Cool down exercises bring your heart rate down after a rigorous workout and improve muscle recovery.

During cool down exercises, your muscles and joints must reach its maximum range of motion. They also help you feel relaxed since it relieves any tension in the body. The key to a good cool down is holding a pose for 30 seconds at a time while taking deep breaths.

Here are some cool down exercises to try after an intense workout:

Quad stretch

Your quads are among the main muscles used when working out. Whether you’re doing lunges, squats, or leg raises, your quads are engaged at all times. To stretch your quads after a workout, stand tall with your core engaged. Raise your foot and hold with pressed against your butt. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. A tip to help you balance is to focus on one point. Make sure you’re not leaning forward or backward. Keep your core engaged at all times to give your hip flexors a stretch too.

Side bench stretch

Whether you’ve worked on your obliques or not, stretching it out feels amazing. It also helps strengthen these muscles which support your posture.

Stand with your feet a little more than hip width apart, now place one hand on your hip and bend sideways in that direction. Your other hand should face outwards and extend above your head. Bend till you feel the stretch go down your side and to your legs. Make sure you’re not leaning forward or backward when doing this pose.

Arm-cross stretch

Cool Down Exercises

An arm circuit will really take it out of you. You’re going to feel the burn of those exercises and the tension built up in your arms must be relieved. This arm-cross stretch is ideal before and after arm workouts too.

Keep your feet hip width apart and stand tall. Bring your right arm across your body over your left shoulder. Use your left arm to push the right arm over till you feel a stretch. Make sure the arm extended is straight and isn’t bent at the elbow.

Triceps stretch

Another stretch for the arms that helps relieve tension is the triceps stretch. Keep your feet hip width apart and lift your right hand over your head. Make sure your biceps are near your ear. Bend your arm behind your head and use the other arm to push it down till you feel the burn. Your arms must be straight and not bending forwards or backward.

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