Living An Active Lifestyle On The Go

Living An Active Lifestyle On The Go

Whether you’re a traveler or your career is such that you have to be on the go frequently, staying active and keeping fit can be a challenge. Coping with jetlag constantly and being introduced to new foods can ruin the pace you’ve set for yourself. Taking a break from working out and eating healthy is only okay if you’re doing it for a short while, but if your life is all about traveling, you have to figure out a way to incorporate exercise and clean eating.

Our experts will help you stay fit while living life on the go:

Track your steps

Walking is the best form of cardio. You’re doing it all the time. In fact, the more you walk, the better it is for your health. Invest in a step tracker so that you know how many miles you’ve walked and if you’re meeting the daily goal of 6000 to 10,000 steps.

Never skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast, in fact, makes you gain weight. You keep yourself hungry and therefore, begin feeling hungry at odd hours of the day, leading to overindulging.

Choose your breakfast carefully when traveling. Slow releasing carbs like oats will keep you full for longer. This way you can get done with your work for the day and end it with an early dinner too. Your body will have time to digest the food before you go to bed.

Use the hotel gym

Living An Active Lifestyle On The Go

Every hotel has a full furnished gym. Make the most of such facilities. Wake up early and get a workout out of the way. Use the pool to refresh yourself and get ready for the day.

Join Skype classes

Working out in a new place every time can be daunting and lonely too. You also don’t feel accountable when you’re using a new gym every time. Join a Skype class to ensure you’re working out to the best of your abilities and keeping form. Our personal trainers take time out for you to ensure you’re in shape even when traveling. If you don’t have access to a gym, our exercises can be done in the comfort of your room too.

Beat jetlag

Don’t let jetlag get in the way of your travels. It can take up to two weeks for jetlag to fade away and your body clock to adjust to the local time. When traveling regularly, you don’t have that kind of time to adjust. You’re expected to be in full form the minute you touch down.

To conquer jetlag you really have to fight the urge to fall asleep at odd hours. Keep the lights on in the room and do something that ensures you’re awake and that you only fall asleep as per the local time. This way you won’t skip out on workouts due to lethargy.

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