4 Things Your Trainer Wants You To Do

4 Things Your Trainer Wants You To Do

Working out is a science and personal trainers are trained to understand this science. However, just signing up with a personal trainer isn’t enough to get you the results you want. Doing the exercises with correct form, putting in the energy required, and eating right are all aspects you need to work on to get the results your trainer has set for you.

The advice of the trainer often gets overlooked by clients because they’re either too tired or they don’t take it seriously.

Here are some of the habits your trainer wishes you’d adopt more seriously:

Moving more during 20-minute workouts

20-minute workouts

Working out is all about making the most of the time you have in the gym. Use that half-hour or hour at the gym to push your body some more every day.

The Department of Health recommends 75 minutes of vigorous activity spread across a week. Your trainer will try their best to make you go above and beyond the bare minimum. Trainers focus on the quality of time spent on a workout.

Even a 20-minute workout can get your heart pumping and sweat going if you’re doing it right. Make sure you don’t take long breaks in between exercises. Complete circuits without stopping. This way, your body won’t begin to cool down and you’ll burn the most calories.

Improve your food choices

A good trainer will understand what your food likes and dislikes are. They will give you ideas about what to incorporate or remove from your diet based on the nutrition you need. Having a healthy food-inclusive mindset is essential when working out. Set small, attainable goals for yourself, like consuming a portion of veggies for lunch and dinner, incorporating lean protein, and having complex carbs.

Foam rolling

Foam rollers are a cylindrical tool made of foam that’s meant to help with muscles. When working out, the fascia tends to get knotted up. This results in issues with flexibility, mobility, and tissue resilience.

The fascia is a web of connective tissue that wraps around the body. Exercises include repetitive movements that cause the connective tissue to become rigid. Dehydration and damage to the tissue can also cause this rigidness. That’s why, it’s so important to stay hydrated when working out too.

Foam rolling is the answer to muscle soreness caused due to the seizing up of the fascia. Use the foam rollers on your calves, thighs, sides of the torso, and arms. If you’re in pain, use the foam roller around the area that’s inflamed.

Fuel your body before a workout

To do any kind of workout, your body requires food. Food gives you the energy to see a workout through. Showing up to the gym on an empty stomach does you no good. You’re going to be dizzy and won’t be able to focus on the exercises.

Pre-workout snacks should include nutritious food that’s not high in calories but gives your body energy. Since everyone’s calorie intake is meant to be different, your trainer will best be able to guide you about pre-workout snacks.

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