Myths Of Personal Training Debunked

Myths Of Personal Training Debunked

With so much information out there regarding fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s difficult to sift out the correct information. Excessive cardio was once known to be the best way to lose weight, but there’s more emphasis now on weight training.

Likewise, eating clean meant excluding carbs and only eating raw fruit and veg, but today, the emphasis on complex carbs and protein has changed the way most fitness enthusiasts eat.

Having a personal trainer to guide you is the ideal way to go about things. They are trained and certified to help you with your fitness needs and goals. However, there are plenty of misconceptions about personal trainers out there—and we’re here to debunk them!

Myth #1: Trainers must know it all!

Like mentioned before, there’s a plethora of information out there regarding fitness. Your personal trainer will never be able to keep up with everything while finding the time to train you as well as other clients. New information and studies are constantly being published and you can’t expect your personal trainer to know all of it immediately.

There will also be times when your trainer might not have an answer to your question and would need to do some research before they’re able to answer you. This mainly goes for clients with medical conditions and those who are on specific medication that affect their ability to work out.

Myth #2: All trainers are buff

All trainers are buff

Personal trainers are expected to have ripped bodies with popping veins and defined muscles. However, each person’s body is different and so are their body goals. It isn’t necessary that your personal trainer fits the image you had in mind.

Think about it this way, Roger Federer’s coach isn’t better than him at the sport, but they provide all the tools, knowledge, and resources for him to be on top of the scoreboard. Likewise, personal trainers have a deep understanding of how our bodies move, how we gain muscle, and how we burn fat—but they don’t all have to look like Terry Crews!

Myth #3: You only need a personal trainer if you want to lose weight!

The number one reason most people invest time and money in working with a personal trainer is to lose weight. However, weight loss isn’t the only body goal personal trainers can help with. Yes, we agree that losing weight isn’t a piece of cake and that having a professional help you out can sustain and fast-track your results, but we can do more than that.

Personal trainers can help clients who have certain medical conditions that affect their ability to work out, they know how to deal with clients in recovery, and can also help you gain muscle if that’s your goal.

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