8 Gym Mistakes Beginners Make- Revealed by Personal Trainers

8 Gym Mistakes Beginners Make- Revealed by Personal Trainers

The start of the new year is the perfect time and New Year’s resolution to head out to the gym to embrace the fitness lifestyle. Going to the gym is a great way to train your muscles and keep your body physically fit and active.

Going to the gym is great, but you should remember that everyone starts as a beginner, including you. Now, being a rookie, a few mistakes can hinder your progress. You should hire a personal trainer rather than do the workouts alone. We have gathered the top eight mistakes you should avoid to ensure you build a fantastic body and take your fitness to the next level.

1. Not Keeping Proper Nutrition

Some mistakes don’t happen at the gym; instead, they occur due to some bad old habits. If you want to see results, there are two things you need to take care of constantly. The first is your exercise regimen, and the second is your daily intake.

Believe it or not, nutrition is key in building your body. As the saying goes, “You are what you eat,” that said, if you eat healthy, you can expect a healthy body, and the opposite is true. Eating processed food will cause your body to gain fat. You must eat healthy and proportional meals to build stronger muscles. Consult with your trainer to learn about making the right plate. They’ll even tell you meals to eat and avoid before going to the gym.

2. Not Tracking Anything

Going to the gym is about more than just completing your daily workout and being done for the day. But it is about your journey and how far you can go. Some rookies often make the mistake of taking on that journey but not tracking how far they reach.

When we say it, believe us: RECORD EVERYTHING when working out. That means documenting essential measurements, such as weight, waist, size of biceps, and quads. Apart from that, taking pictures of your physique is a good idea. By having a solid starting point and through constant tracking, you can see physical evidence of your progress, which will keep you motivated to continue.

3. Going Without a Plan

Like any major project you take care of in life, workout routines aren’t different. Make sure you have a plan in mind before going to the gym. You don’t want yourself wandering around aimlessly, looking for something to do. This approach will only waste your time. Instead, have a solid plan in mind on what exercise you need to complete. It can be challenging for first-timers, but there is a simple way to make a plan.

Rather than remembering each exercise, consider the muscle groups you wish to train. For instance, hammer curls and pushups are great exercises to build stronger biceps and triceps if you want to work on your arms. Or you could hire a personal trainer instead. They can form a personalized workout routine for you to follow, which you can use to improve your body physique.

4. Rely on Supplement

Supplements are beneficial if you want to improve muscle strength. Taking supplements with a workout can boost muscle growth, which could lead you to see results faster. However, some rookies often make the mistake of believing supplements are miracle pills that will get your body into shape overnight.

Taking supplements with a bad diet will do more harm than good. Ensure you are off carbs and have a diet consisting of lean meat, veggies, whole grains, and plenty of water. In addition, consult with a professional trainer first regarding supplement recommendations and whether they are good for you at the moment.

5. Not Performing Warm-Up Stretches

Some beginners often need to start their workout with more warm-up exercises. This is wrong and dangerous, as it increases the chances of getting injured during the actual workout.

Think of it this way: when you start your car, you give the engine some time to warm up rather than driving it immediately. Driving the car on a cold engine would cause it to lose its efficiency. The same can be said for the body. Starting a workout without proper warm-up will cause you to fatigue quickly or lead to injury.

6. Skipping Leg Day:

It’s important that you train every part of the body. However, some first-timers often visit the gym just because they want solid abs, bulging biceps, and formed back. Although it’s good to dream about having a reformed upper body, the lower body should not be ignored.

Just because you run or walk long distances doesn’t mean you should avoid training your legs. Their exercise is as important as the upper part. Ensuring proper leg exercises can do you good. Not only will they improve your physique, but they will also lead to a stronger upper body.

7. Training to Failure:

Some first-time rookies also tend to avoid training to failure. It refers to having a workout regimen that focuses on exercising until you can’t any longer. The concept has developed from the notion that training to failure improves strength and muscle mass. However, recent studies have indicated that the approach is optional for untrained individuals to improve muscle mass and strength.

If you’re a beginner, rather than having this approach in mind, you should consider working on the basics and improving your form. A good grasp of the fundamentals will eventually help in the long run as it will help you target muscle groups more effectively. Hire a personal trainer to monitor you and tell you when to take a break. 

8. Skipping Workout Days:

This one is really common, especially what typically happens during the start of each new year. Rookies often sign up at the gym to improve their physique and build muscle, but after a few days, they either start skipping or drop out of the gym entirely.

The simple reason is that they feel tired, sore, or lazy. Remember, a consistent exercise regimen is the secret to building an amazing body. Once you start slacking off, it takes a lot of work to come back. If you feel it’s hard, consider cutting your routine from a complete week to 4 to 5 days a week.

Final Note – Hire a personal trainer

In conclusion, the gym is a great place to start your workout journey, but there are mistakes you need to avoid. Ensure that you have a balanced diet, track your progress, and form a plan. Honor your commitments, and don’t slack off. If it’s your first time, then be sure to hire a personal trainer to assist you in your journey.

FAQs – Hire a personal trainer

Why is it important to warm up before a workout?

Warming up before a workout improves muscle blood flow and enhances flexibility. Through it, you reduce the chance of getting injured during the actual workout.

What are the common mistakes beginners make when starting a workout routine?

Some common mistakes that beginners make include:
1. Not Keeping Proper Nutrition
2. Not Tracking Anything
3. Going Without a Plan
4. Rely on Supplement
5. Not Performing Warm-Up Stretches
6. Skipping Leg Day
7. Training to Failure
8. Skipping Workout Days

Be sure to hire a personal trainer to avoid these common mistakes.

How does improper form during exercises affect beginners?

Improper form can cause injuries and hinder workout effectiveness. Personal trainers emphasize learning proper forms before a workout to target the right muscle groups and prevent injuries effectively. Also read our proper guide for biceps triceps workout for women.

Is cardio or strength training more important for beginners?

Both strength and cardio are significant forms of training. Personal trainers recommend a balanced approach as they improve cardiovascular health, endurance, muscle strength, and tone.

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