Massage the Pain Away — A Guide to Pre and Post-Workout Massage

Massage the Pain Away — A Guide to Pre and Post-Workout Massage

Those who are into rigorous exercises like strength training and running know how good it feels once those endorphins are released. However, working out and staying fit can often lead to soreness in the muscles. After all, your muscles develop tears when they are worked. This can cause tightness and wear and tear of tendons and ligaments.

What can be done to reduce the pain after a workout?

While the feeling after working out can be described as euphoric, you soon forget that feeling once the soreness sets in. Delayed onset muscle soreness can last up to two days after which the symptoms begin to subside. Here are some things that can help relieve the soreness, post workout:

Ice packs

Working out generally causes our muscles, joints, and ligaments to warm up. It can lead to swelling and inflammation of the muscles. You’ll notice that the muscles, when exercised, begin to feel warm too. Apply an icepack to the area, wrapped in a thin cloth. Wrapping ice in a cloth prevents ice burns from happening. 15 minutes of icing the area should be enough.

Apply heat

Have you ever had a hot shower or bath after coming back from the gym? There’s no better feeling than that! If you’re sure there isn’t any inflammation in your body, a heated pad can help relax you after a rigorous workout. Heat boosts blood circulation in the area and will help with the pain you’re experiencing.

Post workout massage

 Post workout massage

A sports massage can really help with the soreness you’re experiencing. The massage itself might be painful, but you will surely feel better once it’s done. These massages work on trigger points and aim to remove knots from your muscles too.

Massage is a great way to maintain optimal soft tissue health. This includes your body’s ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The initial muscle recovery after a long run or a rigorous workout takes place 2 to 3 days after the workout. Having a massage immediately post-workout can really help alleviate pain.

Pre workout massage

A massage before a workout or run will never replace a warm-up. A massage should be administered right before you’re about to workout out, this includes your warm-up. Pre-workout massage sessions help you conserve energy since your muscles are being stretched with external force. This gives you more energy for your workout.

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