“It’s a Girl Thing” — Female Training Myths Debunked

“It’s a Girl Thing” — Female Training Myths Debunked

The fitness industry today has become fairly equal in terms of the men to women ratio. At one point, working out and strength training was considered a “guy thing”. More and more women today have begun working out for a number of reasons like toning up, gaining strength, and just staying active.

However, there still are some myths that keep many women from taking up gym classes and benefitting from workouts. Here are some myths about women’s training you have to stop believing:

Myth #1: Strength training bulks you up

Strength training bulks you up

The most common misconception by far is that people believe that working out will bulk you up. Women shy away from strength training for this very reason. They stick to ‘fat burning’ workouts that are cardio intensive while focusing on a low-carb low-fat diet.

The biggest difference between the physical makeup of men and women is the level of testosterone and oestrogen. Testosterone is considered the ‘male hormone’ and oestrogen considered the ‘female hormone’, however, that’s untrue. Both these hormones exist in men and women. It’s the ratio of these hormones that differ. Testosterone is significantly higher in men while oestrogen is significantly higher in women.

Higher levels of testosterone are linked to the ability to bulk up easily. Building muscle mass for men is, therefore, more attainable. Women, on the other hand have 15-20 times lower testosterone. You won’t begin to bulk up once you start hitting the gym.

Myth #2: Cardio is the only way to lose weight

Losing weight used to be the number one reason for women to work out. In recent years the emphasis has shifted from losing weight to staying active, toning up, and becoming stronger. Despite this shift, many still assume that cardio is the only way to lose weight by burning fact.

While cardio is an important part of a workout routine, it’s not the only solution to shedding pounds. A combination of cardio as well as strength training will get you the results you want. High Intensity Interval Training is a great way to get the best of both.

Myth #3: Weight training takes time to show results

Another misconception that’s fairly common is that strength training takes time to show results. However, when done right, you get to see muscle definition in just a few weeks. Circuit training is an excellent way to make the most of your time in the gym, it also results in optimum definition and toning of the body.

Myth #4: Spot reduction of fat is the way to go

Spot reduction of fat isn’t possible, no matter what you do. Waking up in the morning and just doing crunches or arm raises to tone your belly or arms won’t work.

Our bodies are predisposed to store fat in certain areas like around the waist and lower belly. Just exercising those parts of your body won’t give you any results. You need to warm-up and do a full body workout to maximize the calorie deficit.

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