Whether you’re a regular at the gym or you only go when your schedule permits, everyone wants to make the most of their time in the gym. The exercises you do, should therefore make the effort worth your while. You can burn more calories depending on the kind of workout you do. Finisher workouts are bang on the money when it comes to intensity and calories burned.  Finisher workouts refer to a series of exercises
Benefits of Group Fitness Training Classes:
According to a study, approximately 16.35 Million people participated in group exercises in 2018. Here are the benefits of group fitness training courses.
Female Training Myths Debunked
The fitness industry today has become fairly equal in terms of the men to women ratio. At one point, working out and strength training was considered a “guy thing”. More and more women today have begun working out for a number of reasons like toning up, gaining strength, and just staying active. However, there still are some myths that keep many women from taking up gym classes and benefitting from workouts. Here are some myths
Benefits Of Working Out With A Group
Exercising regularly has immense health benefits. It promotes heart health, weight loss, boosts energy levels, and improves your life expectancy. Exercising by yourself, however, is quite intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. You’re afraid of getting judged by regular gym-goers who can lift more weight and have much better stamina. The best way to get over this and get in a good workout is exercising with a group. Everything’s a hundred times better
A Guide to Pre and Post-Workout Massage
Those who are into rigorous exercises like strength training and running know how good it feels once those endorphins are released. However, working out and staying fit can often lead to soreness in the muscles. After all, your muscles develop tears when they are worked. This can cause tightness and wear and tear of tendons and ligaments. What can be done to reduce the pain after a workout? While the feeling after working out can
Tips to Maximize your Workouts:
When it comes to health and fitness, exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. What and when you eat decides how you feel during and after exercise. Here’s what you need to do to maximize your workouts:
Fitness Myths Debunked
Fitness is a journey and it’s a bumpy one. You won’t always see the results you want and that can cause you to believe in many myths and misconceptions. Fitness myths are rampant. There’s so much information out there, that doesn’t mean it’s all correct. Our experts are here to debunk common myths about fitness: Myth #1: Gaining weight after a fitness routine must mean it’s not working When you start working out regularly, your
Exercising Your Way Back After an Injury
Experiencing any form of injury is difficult, you need to go for doctor’s appointments, take prescription medication regularly, and even go through rehabilitation in the form of physiotherapy. Injuries affect your ability to work out as well, which is a bummer, especially if you just started noticing the results you wanted. While this is going to set you back, you need to push forward, eventually getting yourself back on track. Here are some tips that
Fitness Programs And Why You Need Them
Maintaining and exercise routine is an integral part of living a wholesome life. Here’s why you need to enroll in a fitness program.
4 Things Your Trainer Wants You To Do
Working out is a science and personal trainers are trained to understand this science. However, just signing up with a personal trainer isn’t enough to get you the results you want. Doing the exercises with correct form, putting in the energy required, and eating right are all aspects you need to work on to get the results your trainer has set for you. The advice of the trainer often gets overlooked by clients because they’re